Blushwood Berry Capsules - 5000mg High Potency Extract EBC-46

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The Blushwood Berry, the fruiting berry produced by the Blushwood Tree is said to have powerful Antioxidant and Immune System benefits. We suggest looking into the research provided online about EBC-46.


We prepare products at the time your order is placed to ensure quality & freshness. Products come in a resealable bag to preserve freshness.


Contains absolutely no fillers, additives, silicon or any other nonsense that doesn’t belong in a natural & pure herb supplement.


100% Vegan, Organic & NON GMO


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This product is not intended to be a cure to any disease. Always seek a medical professional. It is a full spectrum extract powder from Blushwood Berry Tree that is currently being heavily researched. We recommend looking into the research provided online.


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